Finally broke down and went through all my pins in TWEWY because I’ve been stuck at like 76% pin mastery for uh. two years or w/e

Apparently I am missing 79 pins in total and most if not all of them must be evolved with shut-down pin points or mingle pin points

SDPP is easy because. I can cheat with that

MPP tho ughhg h hghghghh h hg

other news: I’m pretty sure I maxed out my HP and there’s literally no point in further increasing my drop rate because at level 1 it’s sitting at 404. hm


meeting people who like anime is either very good or very bad. 

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Anonymous asked: RAOPT: it was like getting licked all over. his body, right up to his chin, was embraced by those stong wet limbs, of which curled around his toes and fingers and nipples as clawed hands cupped his chin. "now..." the beast kissed up his neck, purring once he got to his ear. "will you behave, my sweet?" as it's raspy voice reverbated on his neck, tentacles cupped his balls and kissed up his hardening cock like shallow little mouths. it took him a considerable amount of will for him not to squirm.

FUCK  YO O   UU   U  u  i love  u

lays down

hormones are hard and I’m too horny for this shit right now

@ Joe


nvm they retracted the statement

ok the  n back to square one

@ Joe

100% thank you for the info buddy

@ Kyri

According to Joe it’s bots, so that. explains everything

"milfsdesires liked your post: …"

that makes me very uncomfortable

yEAH yeah additional news better topic—got in to see the Gatekeeper Warneke again and he was like “yeah your voice SOUNDS deeper”

mom agreed but honestly I think it’s just. I’m calmer

??? voice changes shouldn’t happen for another 2 months at the least but i”LL TAKE IT


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